2019 IMO Results

Here are the results for New Zealand at the 2019 International Mathematical Olympiad in Bath, United Kingdom. We brought home two bronze medals and two honourable mentions. New Zealand was ranked 58th equal of 112 countries (tied with Switzerland), with a total score of 89.

The individual results were (scores out of 42):

Grace ChangSaint Kentigern College3
Rick HanMacleans College 15Honourable Mention
William HanMacleans College 21Bronze Medal
Johnathan LeungKing's College 16Honourable Mention
Alan LiLincoln High School13
Ishan NathJohn Paul College 21Bronze Medal

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The leadership for the 2019 team:

Left to right: Rick Han, Grace Change, William Han, Ishan Nath, Alan Li, Johnathan Leung.