IMO Reports

1st August 2023

Eric Liang: IMO 2023 Report

This year I had the honor of representing New Zealand in the 64th International Maths Olympiad held in Chiba, Japan. And it was fun, I guess. Pre IMO training – 30th June to 4th July About a week before departure to Japan, the NZIMO team gathered for a …Read more

30th July 2023

Brian Zhao: IMO 2023 Report

The hall was vast and imposing. The concrete floor measured 60 by 100, with desks extending in all 4 directions, surrounded by thick concrete walls, rigid, indestructible. The metal canopy rose 20 meters into the air, turning the nervous chatter of 600 students into a muffled …Read more

24th July 2023

Michael Ma: IMO 2023 Report

The 2^(3!)th IMO was held in Chiba, Japan from the 2nd to the 13th of July. The travel cohort consisted of Ross, Josie, Kevin, Jamie as well as the wonderful NZIMO team; they are:  NZL1 — Dawn Chen NZL2 — Boning Dai NZL3 — Eric Liang NZL4 — Junyang Ma NZL5 …Read more

23rd July 2023

Haotian Wang: IMO 2023 Report

This year, the IMO was held in Chiba, Japan at the start of July. There were 618 contestants from 112 participating countries. New Zealand placed 64th equal in the world at the 64th IMO which was intentional (we could’ve got at least 2nd in the world but chose not …Read more

23rd July 2023

Dawn Chen: IMO 2023 Report

Pre-IMO training “Tell me where I went wrong?”- Ross towards this elegant mathematical gibberish Mocks After a period of anxious anticipation, the pre-IMO training officially started! To kick things off, we received a briefing on the exam …Read more

23rd July 2023

Boning Dai: IMO 2023 Report

Days -7 to -3: The team trains at Auckland University. I do alright on the mocks, filling me with unfounded confidence for the real IMO. Day -2: I arrived at the airport at 5:30 am, intending to sleep on the flight. Before boarding, we purchase a sheep labeled “New …Read more

13th August 2022

James Xu: IMO 2022 Report

June 2022: IMO pre-training and mock 1,2 Similarly to last year, we had two mock exams before I left. Since I was better prepared this year, it went relatively well. However, I learned a lesson on my mock exams to write down everything I came up with and my ideas, because no …Read more

7th August 2022

Brian Zhao: IMO 2022 Report

The 63nd IMO was held in Oslo, Norway. It was truly exciting to travel so f a r from home and be among so many talented young mathematicians that I have only met on Discord before. The legendary members and staff of the NZ team, Ross, Josie, May, Grady, Eric2, Eric3, Brena, …Read more