IMO Reports

14th August 2021

Brian Zhao: IMO 2021 Report

The 62nd IMO was held in Russia-Auckland. It was truly exciting to travel so f a r from home and be among so many talented young mathematicians on Discord, Zoom and Telegram. The legendary members and staff of the New Zealand Team, Ross, Josie, May, Rick, Hamish, Phillip, …Read more

9th August 2021

James Xu: IMO 2021 Report

The 62nd IMO was held this year at USA Russia Auckland. We were lucky (comparing to last year) to be able to have all 6 of us (Brian, Hamish, Philip, Rick, Brena, and I) together at St Cuthbert’s College from the 14th July to the 24th July, accompanied by Ross, Josie, and May, …Read more

5th October 2020

Ishan Nath: IMO 2020 Report

Introduction The 61st International Mathematical Olympiad was held this year in St. Petersburg Auckland Christchurch, from the 8th to the 18th of July 19th to the 28th of September 2020. The IMO is a prestigious mathematical tournament held annually, taking six of …Read more

5th October 2020

Nathaniel Masfen-Yan: IMO 2020 Report

When dreaming of eventually participating in an IMO, I must say I never expected my eventual experience to be anything like what it was. Not only was I unable to meet hundreds of students with unique backgrounds and stories, spend time living in a cramped room with the whole …Read more

5th October 2020

Phillip Han: IMO 2020 Report

This September, I had the opportunity and privilege to represent New Zealand at the 61st International Mathematical Olympiad(IMO) along with five other brilliant young mathematicians. Despite the Covid epidemic that has halted a multitude of programs, we were very fortunate that …Read more

5th October 2020

Ethan Ng: IMO 2020 Report

General IMO 2020 was my first and last IMO, since I won’t be eligible in the coming years. Going into IMO for the first time I didn’t have much experience with how the procedures worked, so I just did what I could and tried my best. In general I think the IMO process …Read more

1st August 2018

Xutong Wang: IMO 2018 Romania Report

Questions & Answers How has attending this event demonstrated greater knowledge of available career paths in science and technology? When I went to the IMO last year, I found it quite incredible to be among so many other talented mathematicians. At one …Read more

1st August 2018

Keiran Lewellen: IMO 2018 Romania Report

Introduction: The International Mathematical Olympiad was the first science Olympiad to be founded and remains the largest with 116 countries participating this year. The IMO focuses on mathematical problem solving rather than content, having only six extremely …Read more