2021 IMO Results

Here are the results for New Zealand at the 2021 International Mathematical Olympiad, held online but organised from Russia. We brought home two bronze medals. New Zealand was ranked 69th of 107 countries, with a total score of 41.

The individual results were (scores out of 42):

Hamish BaguleyWellington College7
Phillip HanAuckland Grammar School 5
Rick HanMaclean's College 0
Brena MerzSt Cuthberts College 0
He (James) XuKristin School 15Bronze Medal
Bufan (Brian) ZhaoACG Parnell College14Bronze Medal

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The leadership for the 2021 team:

Left to right: Ross Atkins, Phillip Han, Rick Han, Bufan (Brian) Zhao, Hamish Baguley, He (James) Xu, Brena Merz, Josie Smith.