Welcome to the home of the New Zealand Maths Olympiad. We provide maths enrichment materials and select and train New Zealand high-school students for participation in the International Mathematical Olympiad.

If you are wondering where to start on your olympiad journey, I would recommend looking at the workshop problems. The resources page also has some sample problems, and links to lots of other good maths resources. The first stage in the selection process for the NZ squad is the NZMO round 1, which kicks off the program for the year. See the calendar for more details.

Latest News

19th May 2024

2024 NZMO Round 1 Starting Soon

The New Zealand Mathematical Olympiad Round 1 (NZMO1) is coming soon - get ready! Problems will be released on 16th June. This consists of a take home exam (a set of 8 problems), and solutions are to be submitted by 1st July, so you will have 2 weeks. …Read more

20th April 2024

IMO 2024 Team Announcement

New Zealand’s IMO team for the 2024 International Mathematical Olympiad has been announced. This team of six will represent New Zealand at the International Mathematical Olympiad in Bath, UK this year. The New Zealand Maths Olympiad team members are: Dawn Chen, St …Read more

20th April 2024

2024 Female and Non-Binary Camp

A few days ago the NZMOC and NZOI hosted the 2024 Female and Non-Binary Camp, which was joint between Maths and Informatics. This was the first joint camp, and was a huge success. There were a lot of good problems, activities and games, and everyone had a lot of fun, staff …Read more

22nd January 2024

2024 Squad Announcement

Last week we hosted the 2024 Annual NZMOC Training Camp, which was a great success. Michael did a fantastic job as camp director, and the students all had a lot of fun and got a lot out of it, despite it being slightly shorter than normal. Thank you to the generous …Read more