Sunday 22nd May 2022

Female and Non-Binary Camp

Last month we hosted New Zealand's first ever Female and Non-Binary Maths Camp. It took place over 4 days from 22nd - 25th April, and this year was completely virtual. We invited 15 students from across the country to take part, as well as 9 fantastic lecturers. The camp was aimed towards building collaboration and friendships, as well as training towards the NZMO. The feedback we have had has been overwhelmingly positive, so this is likely to become an annual event.

Most of the staff members have been involved with the maths olympiad in New Zealand as a student, and are now spread out around the world. Holding a virtual camp was a fantastic opportunity to bring them all back together to teach our next generation of budding mathematicians. Next year we are hoping to hold the camp in person, and invite even more students, selected from those that enter the NZMO round 1.