Saturday 20th April 2024

2024 Female and Non-Binary Camp

A few days ago the NZMOC and NZOI hosted the 2024 Female and Non-Binary Camp, which was joint between Maths and Informatics. This was the first joint camp, and was a huge success. There were a lot of good problems, activities and games, and everyone had a lot of fun, staff and students alike. Our generous sponsor Jane Street hosted an Estimathon, staff answered questions about uni and themselves during a Q&A session, and we got our creative hats on in the Maths Craft session. Lecturers gave as much maths and informatics to the students as they could, and everyone learned a lot and made some friends in the process.

The highlight was probably the giant Menger Sponge we made from business cards.

If you are keen to attend the next Female and Non-Binary Camp, enter the NZMO! Even if you don't get through to round 2, there is a good chance we will invite you to the camp.