IMO Reports

16th March 2008

Hyo-Reep Song: IMO 2006 Slovenia Report

My name is Hyo Reep Song and I was a member of New Zealand Maths Olympiad team in 2006. We represented NZ at the International Mathematical Olympiad in Slovenia in between 6th and the 20th of July 2006. It was very tough to get in to the NZ team. I had to do September …Read more

13th March 2008

Eric Kang: IMO 2004 Greece Report

This year’s NZIMO team was unusual for a couple of reasons: One, that the IMO was a first for every member of the team, and two, we had a film crew of three people constantly filming us the whole trip. This may suggest to some people for the team chemistry to have been …Read more

13th March 2008

Eve Waddington: IMO 2004 Greece

This year I was fortunate to be part of the New Zealand Mathematical Olympiad Team that travelled to Athens to compete in the 45th International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO). After months of training, the six members of the New Zealand Mathematical Olympiad team, assembled …Read more

13th March 2008

Heather Macbeth: IMO 2004 Greece

My journey to the 2004 International Mathematical Olympiad began two and a half years earlier, the summer after my third-form year, when I attended my first NZMOC January camp. In one of the most influential weeks of my life so far, I caught a glimpse of what the NZ Maths …Read more

13th March 2008

James Liley: IMO 2004 Greece Report

The International Mathematical Olympiad is a worldwide maths competition, held annually in different places around the world. Students of secondary school age from over 80 countries travel together to pit their skills against 400 other competitors in one of the most …Read more

13th March 2008

James McKaskill: IMO 2004 Greece Report

In reality the trip did not start in July, but rather back in January at the annual NZIMO training camp. The camp proceeded as normal, except for one difference: All of the previous year’s IMO team had left school and gone on to university. This meant that I would have a …Read more

13th March 2008

Jethro van Ekeren: IMO 2004 Greece Report

In July of this year, I, along with five other secondary school students from around New Zealand, had the amazing opportunity to travel to Athens, Greece to compete in the 45th International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) along with over 500 students from 85 countries from …Read more