20th July 2022

2022 IMO Results

For the first time in 3 years the IMO was held in person in Oslo, Norway, with only a few teams competing remotely. Most of the team travelled to Oslo without incident, but unfortunately one of our competitors ran into difficulty on the day of travel. However, we managed to get …Read more

1st July 2022

2022 NZMO Round 1 released

The New Zealand Mathematical Olympiad Round 1 (NZMO1) has now been released. Check out the problems here: Please note that it is forbidden to discuss the problems until the official solutions are posted here. …Read more

12th June 2022

2022 NZMO Round 1 Starting Soon

The New Zealand Mathematical Olympiad Round 1 (NZMO1) is coming soon - get ready! Problems will be released on 1st July. This consists of a take home exam (a set of 8 problems). Solutions are to be submitted by 1st August. We encourage everyone …Read more

22nd May 2022

Female and Non-Binary Camp

Last month we hosted New Zealand's first ever Female and Non-Binary Maths Camp. It took place over 4 days from 22nd - 25th April, and this year was completely virtual. We invited 15 students from across the country to take part, as well as 9 fantastic lecturers. The camp …Read more

6th April 2022

IMO 2022 Team Announcement

New Zealand’s IMO team for the 2022 International Mathematical Olympiad has been announced. This team of six will represent New Zealand at the International Mathematical Olympiad in Oslo, Norway this year. The New Zealand Maths Olympiad team members are: Grady Kenix, …Read more

17th January 2022

Alan Parris Award 2022

The NZMOC has set up an award in memory of Alan Parris, one of the founding members of the New Zealand Mathematical Olympiad Committee (NZMOC). The award is for January Training Camp attendees, with the aim of promoting equal opportunity and diversity in mathematics, and …Read more

14th January 2022

2022 Squad Announcement

This week we hosted the 2022 Annual NZMOC Training Camp, which was a great success. For the first time the camp was run entirely online, with lectures being held via Google Classroom and Google Meet, and socializing happening via Discord. Everyone had a lot of fun, staff …Read more

26th October 2021

2021 NZMO results announced

The results of the 2021 NZMO are now in! Congratulations to all those that took part, we hope you had as much fun solving the questions as we did writing them. Particular congratulations to everyone who participated in round 2. You can see the medal winners here: 2021 NZMO …Read more