2022 BMO 2 Results

Here are the results for New Zealand at the 2022 British Mathematical Olympiad round 2.

The individual results were (scores out of 40):

Bufan (Brian) ZhaoACG Parnell College1230
He (James) XuKristin School1325
Eric LiangACG Parnell College1220
Grady KenixBurnside HighSchool1318
Eric LeeMacleans College1215
Brena MerzSt Cuthbert's College1315
Junyang (Michael) MaPinehurst School1211
Belle YinSt Cuthbert's College1110
Boning (Jerry) DaiAuckland Grammar School108
Yina (Ena) Yin St Cuthbert's College113
Dawn ChenSt Cuthbert's College111
Sun-woong KangRangitoto College131
Yixue (Aurora) WangMacleans College111

Our thanks go to the BMOC and the UKMT for allowing us to take part.