Welcome to the home of the New Zealand Maths Olympiad. We provide maths enrichment materials and select and train New Zealand high-school students for participation in the International Mathematical Olympiad.

On this site you will also find news about the NZMOC activities, mathematical resources to help you practice and develop your skills and links to other online resources. We welcome any comments or suggestions for this site, please get in touch.

Latest News

22nd October 2020

2020 NZMO Results Announced

The results of the 2020 NZMO are now in! Congratulations to everyone that took part, we hope you had as much fun solving the questions as we did writing them. Particular congratulations to everyone who participated in round 2. You can see the medal winners here: 2020 NZMO …Read more

28th September 2020

2020 IMO Results

The IMO this year was quite different to normal because of the Covid-19 situation meaning that an in-person IMO in St Petersburg was impossible. Most teams sat the competition from their own countries, and all the events and excursions were held online. I am very pleased to …Read more

24th July 2020

2020 APMO Results

Last month the Asian Pacific Mathematical Olympiad results were released. We entered 10 students from our squad, and came 17th, with a grand total of 129. The individual results were (scores out of 35): ContestantAward Ishan …Read more

22nd July 2020

2020 CMC Results

This year a new competition emerged after the IMO was delayed - the Cyberspace Mathematical Olympiad. New Zealand entered a team of six, bringing home three bronze medals and three honourable mentions. The individual results were (scores out of 56): …Read more