The New Zealand Mathematical Olympiad Committee’s offerings include:

  • This website’s Olympiad mathematics resources.
  • A monthly set of web problems, available on this site or by subscription to a mailing list.  These are an opportunity to practice Olympiad-style problem solving and to receive some feedback.  For more information contact the webmaster.
  • The Certificate Course and Advanced Certificate Course.  These one-year courses are offered by correspondence through the University of Auckland.  They are intended particularly for students who have completed the high school mathematics curriculum ahead of their chronological age.  Students sometimes complete the course in timetabled class time, sometimes by private study.  For mor information contact Gordon Hookings.
  • The Auckland Mathematical Olympiad, a live contest featuring hundreds of competitors and on-the-spot marking.  This is held annually in May.  For more information contact Ivan Reilly.
  • Weekly or fortnightly evening sessions for high school mathematics students at some local universities. These give students the opportunity to practice mathematical problem-solving, preparing them for the camp selection process.  They are also the route to entry in other competitions, such as the International Mathematics Tournament of Towns.  At present this is only offered in Christchurch; for more information, contact Bob Long
  • The Camp Selection Problems, the NZMOC’s annual nation-wide talent search.  These are available on this site or from any high school mathematics department.  Top-scoring students in other mathematics competitions are also targeted directly.
  • A one-week residential Camp at Grafton Hall in Auckland each January, for the top-scoring 24 students on the Camp Selection problems.
  • A mentored training program with university staff for the camp’s best twelve (or so) students, in preparation for International Mathematical Olympiad selection.
  • Further mentoring and a second camp for the training program’s best six students, in preparation for:
  • The International Mathematical Olympiad, held in a different exotic location each July.