Getting started

Welcome to the website of the New Zealand Maths Olympiad Committee. We aim to provide:

  • instructional material (Notes) on the various areas of Olympiad mathematics, as well as on problem solving in general, and presenting mathematical arguments;
  • regularly updated problem sets of various levels of difficulty to help you to practice and develop your skills;
  • news about the activities of the NZMOC; and
  • stories and reports from students and others involved in various NZMOC activities such as the residential camp in Christchurch each January, and the IMO itself.

We welcome any comments about or suggestions for this site. You can either leave these as comments to various posts, or send email to

Our problem sets are graded by difficulty, and the notes are also of varying standards of difficulty, usually indicated by their titles. By hunting around you should be able to find something that suits your level — if not, then again, please let us know and we’ll see if we can add something!

There are many sites and forums (such as MathLinks) where you can find a lot of problems together with their solutions. To encourage you to work on problems on your own, the problem sets we post here will generally not include solution sets. We do have solution sets available, and if you email us (, in case you’ve forgotten) with some evidence that you’ve made an attempt at the problems, we’ll be happy to provide them. If you come up with a particularly clever solution yourself, we’ll even give you credit for it!